In Thomas Mulcair's own words:

It was interesting over the weekend to hear the Liberal leader say he wanted to fire a couple of subordinates. On Oct.19, we get to fire the person responsible for the whole mess. Stephen Harper keeps saying publicly that it’s the person who are responsible who should be held to account, well it was the Prime Minister’s Office, and that means it was the Prime Minister who was responsible for what was going on in his office.

He’s trying to dodge and bob and weave for two and a half years — I was in front of him far too often in Question Period when he wouldn't answer. I think that Canadians deserve better. Mr. Harper has this tendency to say one version, and then give a completely different version. Well guess what? Both of those things couldn’t be true.

Now, it’s starting to become obvious to all Canadians. When you hear his chief spokesperson say, ‘Well, if the chief of staff, Mr. Novak, knew he would’ve told the Prime Minister." And now, we know that the chief of staff knew. And I think Canadians are allowed to go, "Well, two plus two equals four." If he did know, then he did tell the Prime Minister, and [Mr. Harper’s] denials simply aren’t going to wash anymore.