Blue Rodeo isn’t the only Canadian band that dislikes Stephen Harper.

Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde are the latest Canadian rockers to release an anti-Harper video.

Titled "The Land You Love," the video shows the two bands playing together on a split screen while holding up hand-written signs saying things like: “Now is the time when a change has to come,” and “Anything but Conservative.”

Hey Rosetta! has been vigorously tweeting about the video, saying they made it with Yukon Blonde about the upcoming election, exhorting people to please watch it and share it, before adding: “Enough of Harper.”

Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde perform the Land You Love.

Between the two bands, they span Canada. Hey Rosetta! hails from Newfoundland, while Yukon Blonde originates in Kelowna, British Columbia. Between the two of them, their fans number in the hundreds of thousands.

The video is similar to one Blue Rodeo released last week, titled "Stealing All My Dreams" and in which the popular alt-country band ask: “Have you forgotten you work for me?”

In this instance both Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde are part of the # ImagineOct20th initiative, which claims it is not an organization, but only a blog and a hashtag.

Nonetheless, under that banner an impressive amount of talent has been mustering to fight the Conservatives ahead of the election.

In Montreal, for example, at the Fairmount Theatre on October 10th, a number of groups are banding together to play an anti-Harper concert. The artists scheduled there include Martha Wainwright, The Barr Brothers, Plants and Animals, Hawksley Workman, David Usher and others.

Similar concerts have already taken place from coast to coast, including in Vancouver, Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto and Halifax.

Hey Rosetta! begins a North American tour in Los Angeles, November 1, with Yukon Blonde opening for them.

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