OTTAWA — With just days to go before the federal election, the Conservatives are taking dead aim at Justin Trudeau and his resurgent Liberals.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is focusing his attacks on Trudeau's economic plans, saying they will cost jobs and mean higher taxes.

Meanwhile, ads in Chinese and Punjabi media have attacked Trudeau on the issues of marijuana and prostitution, hinting that the Liberals would allow brothels in people's neighbourhoods.

The Liberals have not said they would legalize prostitution.

The Conservatives say they're simply raising questions of values.

They are also trying to shore up Conservative support among the ethnic communities they have successfully wooed for years.

Recent polls suggest the Liberals have momentum on their side as the days tick down to the Oct. 19 election.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, whose party seemed to be trailing in support, insists that it's still a three-way race and he's the best bet to topple Harper.

The Canadian Press

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