This week, National Observer unveils an exciting new crowdfunding campaign, "Reports from the Race Against Climate Change."

Funding from this project will mean we can produce stories on innovation, research, and good government policy ... and expose wrongdoing – such as corruption, malfeasance, or misuse of power – in the public and private sectors, that obstruct rapid, forward-leaning movement.

We really can't do this without you.

The most important week of a Kickstarter is the first, so please pledge when we announce the project is live.

Even if you can only afford to pledge $1, your early pledge will help build the momentum. Your $1 can multiply thousands of times if given on day 1.

Pledge more and take advantage of our great rewards. Help us create a snowball of pledges. Projects that raise 20% of the goal their first week achieve success.

More soon, stay tuned. We will send out the Kickstarter link this week Please click on the link to back the project.

Thank you!

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