The Alberta government has released an app that will give Fort McMurray residents a good look at their properties.

A message from Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee warns that viewing the satellite images may be traumatic, and the number for Alberta’s Mental Health Help Line is included in her news release.

Larivee says the maps are intended to provide a high-level satellite overview of the status of the city following the devastating wildfires, however, she cautions that structures that appear to be standing should not be considered undamaged.

Anyone wanting to view the satellite images must first click on a link acknowledging that they have read and understand the terms of use agreement on the government website.

Larivee says that having been through a devastating fire and evacuation herself five years ago in Slave Lake, she knows how stressful it can be to wait for updates on which homes have been lost.

The minister says higher-resolution images will be released soon that should provide a sufficient level of detail to assist property owners with insurance claims and other recovery actions.