I almost coughed my coffee across the room when I checked in on the Globe’s Republican convention coverage today:

“After an unexceptional start – marred by convention floor chaos and allegations of plagiarism – the Republican National Convention is hitting its stride, and just in time.”

I’m sorry but are you f---ing kidding me? “Unexceptional” -- “hitting its stride.

Are we watching the same bacchanalia of neo-fascist hatred spewing out of Cleveland?

This is why I started National Observer. And I hope it’s why you’ll subscribe. The Globe and most Canadian news outlets backed Stephen Harper’s reelection all the way into the swamp. And now they’re feeding us milquetoast, pseudo-neutral coverage of the most dangerous development the world has seen in decades.

Please join our community of progressive readers, writers and thinkers. We’re about exposing power around here. Not sucking up to it.

You call this 'hitting its stride', Globe and Mail? Wow.

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Thank goodness this individual isn't a Public Prosecutor anymore.

Thank you, Linda.

That's exactly why I AM subscribed to the National Observer.
And for stories and commentary like this:
More, please!

Linda, as usual you have done and continue to do an excellent job with reporting. I've just changed banks, jobs, and home but as soon as things settle down for me, I'll be setting up a monthly payment for your organization. Well done...

At this point running around like Chicken Little and screaming about the sky falling is even an understatement to the s**tstorm fermenting across the border. And HE MIGHT WIN.