Photographer Mac Boucher was on the streets of Cleveland during the weirdest political convention in memory. Here are some of his faves from a wacky week:

Police maintain a distance between hateful right wing Christian group and progressive demonstrators.

Armed conservative stands close by as two others argue whether Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization

One picture, thousand words

Woman watches men argue over whether women should have the vote.

Police responded instantaneously to a skirmish between groups. Here two bike cops prepare to ride in and splinter a crowd.

Police presence a constant everywhere. In general a calming force.

Muslim Americans.

The most imposing and military police presence at the RNC were these Ohio State Troopers with tear gas.

Sikh Captain America

Making people smile

Code Pink activists strategically placing themselves for maximum visual impact for a passing group of marchers (see below).

Media games: Lynn Yaeger, centre, contributing editor to Vogue, attempts to have a conversation with documentarian (right), but is interrupted by a conservative journalist (left, holding chips), who tries to provoke a reaction by asking her to comment on the chips.

Woman Marine veteran gives a prepared speech about violence in the military at a public lectern and microphone, to almost no one.

This gun rights activist put a daisy in his rifle to demonstrate his peaceful intention. Was chill.

Conservative onlookers enjoying the events.

Police came from everywhere.

Cleveland housing and community activists

Take two and call a Muslim in the morning.

Black Republican meets eyes with protester as he photographs her.

Watching Ivanka Trump

Many of the vendors selling these T-shirts were African American. The shirts sold poorly, leaving many vendors suffering losses.

Dr. Cornell West after delivering a speech.

Wake the Vote: Students from Wake Forest University seek to close the political divide by gaining experience across the political spectrum. Some of these students had worked for the Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz campaigns.

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