The federal Conservatives say Environment Minister Catherine McKenna needs to repay money paid to a photographer during a climate change conference in Paris last year.

Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act and made available to The Canadian Press by the Conservatives indicate McKenna's department paid a French photojournalist nearly $11,000 to take pictures of the minister and her staff during the COP21 conference.

Quebec Conservative MP Gerard Deltell says McKenna is ultimately responsible for the expense, and should also apologize to Canadians for the awarding of the contract.

McKenna said on Tuesday that she had asked her department to review its practices and determine how to continue to communicate openly and effectively with Canadians while reducing costs to taxpayers.

The photo contract revelation comes after Health Minister Jane Philpott said she would repay $520 billed to taxpayers to access Air Canada lounges in North America and Europe.

Last week, Philpott also said she would repay $3,700 that was spent on car services, along with any other expenses deemed inappropriate by her department.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged today that his government must do better to control such expenses and left open the possibility of greater transparency in divulging ministerial spending.

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I learn the harper government spent 2.5 million on photographers during their tenure. The main stream media is allowing the conservatives to make hay about small stuff when they didn't hold harper to account when his government was in power for much bigger excesses. . The excesses his people perpetrated on the Canadian public were horrendous.