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You think I'm happy that I paid $139.99 for a subscription a short while ago and then you offer it at $69.99!
I won't be renewing my subscription when it expires! Why was it in US dollars is another question I would like answered!

John McKay
Victoria BC

Hi John, If it's any comfort I purchased full price headphones a week before Black Friday when they went on sale for a considerably lower price. Them's the breaks. In my view your purchase or continuing to purchase should be based on the quality of what you pay for and not an assumption that somehow you got ripped off because you think the seller should have told you well in advance they would be having a sale. That's not how things work anywhere. No store says to you, don't buy today because in a month we're having a sale. The National Observer's full price is already low.

I'm putting out the word in hopes you'll sign on a lot more subscribers.
Keep up the good work! Thank you.

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