He has passed his pilot's exam again and is cleared to take off for another holiday season in the skies.

Santa Clause got the good news earlier this week in a private meeting with Canada's Transport Minister Marc Garneau.

"Once again you've aced your pilot's exam so here's your certificate and your eyes are still in good shape, 20-20," Garneau said in his Ottawa office as he handed over the licence. "Your health is good. Your sugar levels are a little bit high but you are cleared to go. So that's the good news."

In an exclusive video obtained by National Observer, Santa appeared to be quite pleased to hear he had passed.

"Ho, ho, ho," Santa said.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau gives Santa some good news in December 2016. Video courtesy of Transport Canada

National Observer has also learned that Santa won't need to use his sleigh for some rare and trendy gifts that are just hitting the market this year. In fact, thanks to the federal government's recent investments in Internet infrastructure, St. Nick will be able to deliver the gift of new National Observer subscriptions to everyone — whether they've been naughty or nice — right from his work shop in the North Pole.

"National Observer made it so easy to deliver these gifts," Santa said. "Ho, ho, ho!"

But Santa got a warning from Garneau, who is also Canada's first man in space.

"But let me tell you one thing before you leave," Garneau said, pointing his finger at Santa. "Just a reminder, don't use your cell phone and don't do any texting while your driving your sleigh through the skies."

Santa Clause, Transport Canada, Marc Garneau
Santa Clause completes his pilot exam in Ottawa a few days before Christmas in December 2016. Photo courtesy of Transport Canada

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