National Observer's own award-winning reporter Elizabeth McSheffrey stars in Canada Day, a hilarious horror spoof of Canada's 150th anniversary.

If you liked Canadian Bacon, you'll definitely want to see this six-and-a-half minute trailer, written and directed by Ottawa's Kyle Martellacci, founder of the independent film production company, Red Razor Pictures.

Hosers and hockey players, beware.

In the short trailer, McSheffrey plays a college student named Regina with a shaky grasp of history and geography. She and a group of friends — Hudson, Victoria, Tim and Bub — try to unmask the murderer behind a spate of killings in Ottawa ahead of Canada's 150th birthday celebrations.

Why does the murderer leave behind annoying bilingual notes on each victim? If the killer wants to make a point of taking revenge against all of Canada, why won't he venture outside the capital? Could the criminal be one of their local police officers, or Bub, a vacationing American friend?

The five friends try to solve the mystery before it's too late. True to horror movie form, though, they ignore red-and-white flags (until one literally pokes an eye out) and wander the streets with a cavalier attitude toward risk that seems to stem from Canada's strong social safety net.

As one of the victims confidently quips: "We've got nothing to worry about. We have free health care."

Why should you add this short to your Canada150 checklist? Director Martellacci responds:

"I think it's fun to have a laugh at ourselves, whether the stereotypes depicted are true or not. Plenty of other holidays have horror films dedicated to their celebrations and I think it's Canada Day's turn to join the club. It's a horror fan's way of celebrating the country. Plus it's only 6 minutes!"

Canada Day by Red Razor Pictures is a spoof horror film trailer released in June 2017 in honour of Canada's 150th anniversary. The trailer was written and directed by Kyle Martellaci, with music by Will McTavish.