Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil says he shares the concerns expressed by Manitoba’s Brian Pallister over increasing inter−provincial tensions around the future of the Trans Mountain pipeline project.

McNeil says he believes there should be access to Canada’s west and east coasts when it comes to moving energy resources.

He says any product — whether it be oil out of Alberta or hydro power from Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba and Quebec — should be shared with as many Canadians as possible.

He says the movement of Alberta oil to the west coast "makes sense to me" because it’s about broadening the country’s access to more international markets.

McNeil says it’s in the best interests of the country that both Alberta and British Columbia sort out their differences over the pipeline.

The comments from both premiers come after Alberta announced Tuesday that it’s banning wine from British Columbia because of B.C.’s plans to limit how much diluted bitumen can be shipped from its coast.

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Shame on the Nova Scotia premier!! Perhaps he needs to be reminded of what took place in Halifax harbour 100 years ago, as, like B. C., Nova Scotia has as treacherous a coastline, although not as long. And, here in the Vancouver area, the terminal where the Alberta gunk ends up is deep inside the harbour, not out on open ocean, adding even more risk!
Of course, we in B. C. are extremely concerned not only for the havoc that the pipeline proposal will wreak in this province, we also lament the Mordor-like mess that is the Alberta tarsands, which is a permanent destruction of pristine wilderness that can NEVER be remediated!!
So, Mr. McNeil, please refrain from taking sides until you have seen what you are talking about, and you have ALL the unbiased facts!!
Thank you!

Has Premier McNeil read ANYTHING about the issues?