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Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould is about to become the first federal cabinet minister in history to take a maternity leave.

Gould is expecting her first child in early March and will go on maternity leave until at least May after the baby is born.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Treasury Board President Scott Brison will take over Gould's cabinet duties in her absence.

MPs and cabinet ministers do not pay into employment insurance and don't officially qualify for maternity leave, but can work out an arrangement with their party leadership to take time beyond the 21 days of medical leave afforded any MP.

Gould's spokeswoman says the minister will be in the House of Commons next week before returning to her home in Burlington to await the arrival of her baby.

Gould is the first-ever cabinet minister to have a baby in office, 31 years after Liberal Sheila Copps became the first woman to have a baby while a sitting MP.

How tough can it be to take a mat leave for only 3 paid weeks of sick leave when you are already making no less than $172,700 per year?
The average Canadian mother should have it so "tough"!