Video by Michael Ruffolo

Michael Ruffolo: President Trump, yesterday, made a statement that Canadians are crossing the border going into America, buying shoes, putting them on, scuffing them up, and then walking across the border. And not paying taxes I guess…

How do you feel about things like that? How do you feel about that statement?

Sue Plum: He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
Ray Plum: It sounds like something Trump would do.

Ruffolo: Does it make sense?

Sue: No! Nothing he does makes sense.

Ruffolo: Where are you guys coming from?

Sue: We’ve been on a cruise ship for 7 days, we toured Alaska previous to that. And we’re from New England Connecticut. Connecticut. New England, U.S.A.

Ruffolo: Do you feel like Canada is an economic threat to America with all of its purchasing power?

Sue: Absolutely not.

Ruffolo: Even we’re buying up all of your sneakers?

Sue: No. We want you to buy our sneakers.

Ruffolo: Oh, you want us to buy your sneakers?

Sue: Absolutely!

Ruffolo: Do you believe that Canadians are a threat to the American shoe industry?

Sue: No!

Ruffolo: So are you guys doing some shopping here, I guess?

Sue: We’re just looking around.

Ruffolo: Have you been to the giant open air black market on Robson Square, they have dozens of Nikes that have been previously scuffed up?

Ray: No, not yet.

Ruffolo: We don’t have one, that wasn’t true.


Ruffolo: Were you aware that the word “sneaker” actually refers to Canadians that sneak shoes across the border?

Sue: No.