Artificial intelligence and robotics enables work automation that will make the humankind workforce mostly irrelevant. Environmental degradation is even a bigger issue. So what do we do?

We counter work automation by creating a public income guarantee and save the environment in the process. Here's how that would happen.

The simplest way to enable the duration is to monetize environmental preservation. Monetization would make environmental preservation an equitable economic driver. This would be best undertaken, through the application of a strategic business plan.

The business plan would be fully detailed in a format that is easy to read and follow. It should explain how to transition to environmentally sustainable economic drivers. Education, research, process, development and recycling are to be the new drivers.

The new drivers can be easily phased-up, via effective use of a common approach. The common approach to be used is defined as entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity. Entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity applies intellectual creativity with calculated risk.

Intellectual creativity is truly an infinite resource, and common trait of all of humankind. Intellectual creativity would be encouraged with a generic educational teaching tool. The teaching tool to be applied is science fairs, only they will be sponsor monetized.

Intellectual creativity is the basis to environmental recovery and economical growth. All strategic input(s) will be secured, via an accredited intellectual property process. The accredited process applies the securing of copyrights, trademarks and patents.

Education is the ideal launching pad to intellectual creativity and economic security. Intellectual creativity is truly ideal, as effective performance is attractive for investors. 'Science fair' monetization is a doable way to add supplemental educational funding.

The science fair system will incorporate students and enable grassroots support. Science fairs will attract new research and development funds with intellectual creativity. A monetized science fair system is an ideal way to offer a public income guarantee.

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After reading the article twice I am still not sure what the author is proposing. What is a "monetized science fair system" offering a public income guarantee?

Hey James. Go on-line to and read the Primer and first five pages of the Preview. Hopefully you read more. Thanks for your response.