An independent review commissioned following complaints of sexual misconduct at Concordia University has uncovered an unhealthy climate in the school's English department.

Issues identified in the report published today by a retired Quebec Court of Appeal judge and two psychologists include "real or perceived" acts of sexual violence committed by faculty members.

The report defines sexual violence broadly as misconduct ranging from unwanted advances to assault.

The Montreal university's English department came under scrutiny in January 2018 when allegations surfaced of misconduct by instructors toward students.

The new report is based on a review conducted from April to September 2018 and incorporates input from 109 students, faculty, staff and alumni. It also found evidence of favouritism and discrimination and concluded there is no place for romantic relationships between instructors and students.

It recommends, among other things, that the university prohibit the holding of classes in bars. The report found that classes held in bars had on occasion led to sexual misconduct.