A Saskatchewan museum is calling on safe crackers to help them unlock a mystery.

The Civic Museum of Regina is looking for people to figure out the combination of a historic safe that's been locked up in its collection for 18 years.

Rob Deglau is the museum's community outreach co-ordinator, and says the safe was manufactured in 1901 and donated by a family who used to run the old Regina Furniture Company.

He says staff were recently going through museum inventory and realized the safe wasn't functional because it was still locked.

The museum doesn't know the combination and put out a call on Facebook asking for help to crack it.

Deglau says staff have received calls from across Canada, but so far no one has offered a solution.

"It's a puzzle and everybody loves puzzles," Deglau said Thursday.

"This becomes a modern hidden treasure. I mean, everybody can imagine, 'What's in this safe?'"

Deglau said he doesn't know for sure how long the safe has been locked, but says it could have been since 1979.

As for what may be inside, Deglau said he's not optimistic.

"We can only hope for incredible treasures. But if it was donated, I bet you it was cleaned out."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 10, 2019.