How can we create a green stimulus package that's inclusive and just for communities across Canada? Executive Director of Nature Canada, Graham Saul joins Linda Solomon Wood to talk about environmental justice, how nature conservation projects could engage women and BIPOC communities and how we can build better cities in our next Conversation series this Thursday, June 11th at 4pm PT / 7pm ET.

Saul has been working on social and environmental justice issues for more than 25 years and is the former head of Climate Action Network Canada and Ecology Ottawa. In a recent opinion piece for The National Observer, Saul reflects on U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) that put millions of people back to work on nature conservation projects after the Great Depression. “Hundreds of thousands of jobs can be created if we work with nature,” writes Saul. He argues it’s, “time for a Canadian nature corps.”

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This live interview will be part of Canada's National Observer’s Conversation series featuring topics around COVID-19, the economy, politics and climate change. To watch the full conversation, head to our YouTube channel. To stay up to date on upcoming interviews, subscribe here.

Agree with the comments. In an article this past week dealing with Climate Change the UK was cited as an example of one item that needs to be accomplished in Canada. I've mentioned this before on some articles. Canada needs a sound, visible positive Plan. In my view this does not exist. The UK has one and a independent committee to oversea the activity. Why is this not being pushed with the Federal and Provincial governments. So far their only plan is "Words" not action plans in my view.

Keep of the good work. Reporting diversity is getting much better.