The Edge, located inside of the Youth For Christ centre in downtown Winnipeg, is the city’s only full-sized indoor skatepark.

But years of tension over parent organization Youth For Christ’s policies restricting open LGBTQ+ identification have spurred mass staff and volunteer resignations at The Edge, which has sharply cut back its hours and eliminated regular programming for skaters over the age of 17.

Now, hundreds of skaters have been left out in the cold.

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I didn't read this article but recognize what has become a pattern that will only grow because of the unavoidable standoff between the two opposing realities, those who believe that "God" actually exists somewhere other than in their heads as a seminal human idea that is absolutely THE truth, and those who recognize the "god idea" as simply that, just another idea that men came up with (it is clearly OF men, BY men and FOR men) and despite its ancient history and its puzzling persistence, remains more of a phenomenon pecular to our psychology than anything else.
It's the obvious reason why religion has to be marginalized back to where it belongs, into people's private minds where it starts and persists (not without effort obviously) and their homes, limiting public involvement (i.e. subsidy) to churches as a sort of community clubhouse. That should be more than a sufficient nod to those who choose to "believe" in the context of a modern society that not only claims to be secular but is also now experiencing a real revolution in the very idea of who we are as human beings. It's an enlargement, a broadening that unfortunately doesn't include our characteristic irrationality as we stupidly, stubbornly insist on not only tolerating but also somehow RESPECTING ancient religious doctrines despite them being definitively prescriptive and openly INTOLERANT!
Hence the standoff between believers and non, a distillaltion from the centuries where different religions battled each other, which continues because it's also completely unresolvable. Atheism is the only solution.

From a pragmatic viewpoint, (ignoring all the fraught debate over religion and its encroachment on civil society)...

This is another example of the evils attendant on "privatizing" public good infrastructure. A municipality claims it cannot afford to provide facilities for child and youth activities and relies on private charity, or commercial "sponsored" facilities that either act as lures and "grooming" opportunities for the indoctrination of minors, or are profit making entities that only those with disposable income can afford. Either "solution" is a betrayal of the human obligation to care for its young and provide them with the means of maintaining health and also critical socialization so that they grow up understanding the need for communal endeavors to improve lives.