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The land is our dinner table

Chief Malii came to understand quite well what his grandfather had meant when he said the land is hanii tohowxt, or what could only be loosely translated to “dining table.” “My grandfather meant the whole lax yip (territory) provided moose, salmon, berries, medicines. All the things that provide for your dinner table, the land provides."

Mapping pandemics of the past

From quarantine ships to paintings of diseases as “transcendental entities,” a Toronto architecture student is mapping out historical and visual artifacts to examine how design has adapted through plagues of the past.

A green COVID-19 awakening

In the second instalment of this series on Toronto’s climate action protest movement, a Colombian expat goes from never attending a climate strike to helping plan for the first global street event of the COVID-19 era.

Interiority complex

“What I do, what I make with my hands from my heart and my experience, I think it’s enough. After all is said and done, I’ve ended up back here in my father’s territory feeling like I actually do belong and like I’m bringing something, bringing something back, something to show. It makes me feel good now. I feel proud of myself.” He paused. “It took me a long time to get there though.”