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Noam Chomsky: 'In a couple of generations, organized human society may not survive.' 

In recent years, Chomsky has turned his mind to the existential threat of global warming, a “threat to the perpetuation of organized human life,” on par with nuclear war. Now, in an exclusive interview with National Observer on Jan. 22, Chomsky directly addresses the specific relationship between media and the climate crisis.

Saving the world, a pen at a time

Can the earth be saved one fountain pen at a time? It is, admittedly, a ridiculous question. Fountain pens are, themselves, kind of ridiculous – at least as measured by how quick people are to hurl ridicule upon them.Yet, in an age when the ecologically conscious are supposed to be reducing, reusing and recycling, the fountain pen is the perfectly green alternative to disposable pens.

Native author Tommy Orange on Trump, the power of fiction and supermassive black holes

Tommy Orange, an Oakland-based author, was surprised his first novel 'There There' hit The New York Times best seller list, 11 weeks in a row. In an interview with National Observer, Orange told reporter Emilee Gilpin about rarely reading as a kid, the important role of fiction in society, and how the success of his first novel rode a strange parallel to Donald Trump's presidency.