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Social Media Mass Surveillance_Digital Authoritarianism_Election Interference

Nearly 3 billion people have lost their freedom in the name of ensuring public order. Now what?

Currently, nearly three billion people — 89 per cent of internet users — are under surveillance by advanced social media monitoring systems used by governments and law enforcement agencies, according to Freedom House. This number has grown rapidly in recent years, with many countries justifying these efforts “in the name of enhancing security, limiting disinformation, and ensuring public order.” 

Montreal-developed satellite pinpoints carbon from space

It’s the future in a major Canadian city. Streets hum with electric buses and every burger is made with lab-grown beef. Just after New Year’s Day, people gather around their televisions to watch the annual global carbon count. One by one, an envoy from each country on earth submits their emissions total, then waits nervously as the governing body checks that number against the official list.