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HAPPENING NOW EVEN IN CANADA: 'It's embarrassing being American'

“It’s embarrassing being an American,” said Jim Hunt, 67, a dual citizen who lives in Seabrook Beach, N.H., and whose mother and paternal grandmother were born on Prince Edward Island. “I often go to P.E.I. in the summer, but Canada is wise to limit travel, because on a national level, the U.S.A.’s a complete shit show. P.E.I. can’t afford to have an outbreak."

Timely words of wisdom from a master weaver and graduate of the school of life

Debra Sparrow is a master weaver from the Musqueam First Nation who graduated from the school of life. She was decolonizing before it was cool, she said during a First Nations Forward Facebook live interview. Sparrow followed her grandfather around for 15 years, researched stories of her people in museums, and thread by thread, found herself, and what it meant to be successful.