Maxime Bernier, Ottawa

Mad Max loses his marbles over diversity

Maxime Bernier's immigrant bashing wouldn’t be so offensive and worrisome if it were coming from some marginal political figure, but this isn’t some random, fringe member of the Conservative Party. He has been a long-standing member of Parliament, representing the Quebec riding of Beauce, has served in Harper’s administration for years, and came in a close second in the party's leadership race.

Heiltsuk Nation says one per cent for "Aboriginal content" is unacceptable

Heiltsuk leadership say the federal government put its reconciliation process “on thin ice” by failing to adequately consult Indigenous communities and collaborate with them in developing its Oceans Protection Plan (OPP). They voiced concern after the government announced on Thursday the winner of an open competition for a $67 million three-year contract.

Can Toronto save its city council from Doug Ford?

The announcement by Ontario’s month-old conservative government to slash the number of councillors in Canada’s largest municipality has threatened to upend a core democratic process already in full swing, say experts and candidates. The question on everyone’s minds now is what checks are in place to thwart such a reconstruction and what Toronto’s democracy could look on the other side.

How I escaped a terrifying Greek wildfire

That afternoon we stood on her roof watching a cloud of smoke from a distant fire, grow closer, and the firefighters’ helicopters and planes began to fly right over her house, to refill with water from Kokkina Limonaki, writes Cate Whittemore. She called a neighbour who lived in the direction of the smoke, to offer her refuge.