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Kootenay company cooks up sourdough noodles - for $46K

Silvio Lettrari has several billion pets. Pets he cannot see. That’s because they’re bacteria — and they have a crucial job to do in the baker and pasta-maker’s sourdough pasta factory. “It’s kind of like a relationship with a dog or something,” he said. “I’ve always treated them with respect because they’re alive — even if you can’t see the little buggers.”

Food banks are working overtime. Is that a good thing?

Mounds of mangoes and pallets of peanut butter sit on a monochrome concrete floor. They’re islands of sustenance, dwarfed in the Greater Vancouver Food Bank’s cavernous warehouse — and a fraction of the roughly 40,800 kilograms of food that pass through the distribution center each week, explained the organization’s CEO, David Long.

Young B.C. farmers can't afford farmland

Yuko Suda is a farmer. A farmer who can’t afford a farm. Instead, she rents her land, an increasingly common practice for new farmers across B.C. — one she worries won’t be sustainable long term. It’s an issue facing most young farmers in the province, one that threatens both their livelihoods and Canadians’ long-term access to food.