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The dirt on transformational soil and how it could help save the world

Anastasia Fyke doesn’t have time for millennials. Sort of. The fourth-generation farmer (and a millennial herself) wants to help farmers transform agriculture from Canada’s sixth-largest greenhouse gas producer into a carbon sink. It’s an attainable goal — with enough investment. “I hear a lot of flak, especially from my own generation, blaming farmers for all these climate things,” she said.

Kootenay company cooks up sourdough noodles - for $46K

Silvio Lettrari has several billion pets. Pets he cannot see. That’s because they’re bacteria — and they have a crucial job to do in the baker and pasta-maker’s sourdough pasta factory. “It’s kind of like a relationship with a dog or something,” he said. “I’ve always treated them with respect because they’re alive — even if you can’t see the little buggers.”

Food banks are working overtime. Is that a good thing?

Mounds of mangoes and pallets of peanut butter sit on a monochrome concrete floor. They’re islands of sustenance, dwarfed in the Greater Vancouver Food Bank’s cavernous warehouse — and a fraction of the roughly 40,800 kilograms of food that pass through the distribution center each week, explained the organization’s CEO, David Long.