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Canada's top public servant denies being partisan

I am disappointed to be accused of partisanship by people who have never met me. My career is on the public record. I have held the highest security clearances of this country for many years. I was named to Deputy Minister level positions by Prime Ministers Chretien, Martin, Harper and Trudeau, said Michael Wernick in his opening statement to a parliamentary committee on March 6, 2019.

Montreal man ticketed for doing exactly what every other Montrealer has done this winter

Like every other Montrealer, I, too, have found myself zigzagging on and off sidewalks as I navigate snowbanks, icy patches and messy, slushy puddles. And yet I have neither been stopped nor ticketed by a police officer for the so-called offence. If police are now handing out tickets for walking on Montreal roads, we should have all gotten one by now. But we haven’t, have we?