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Ontario environment watchdogs say Doug Ford just gutted a law that protects your rights

“I’m outraged and heartbroken,” Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, said in an interview. “What a way to mark the 25th anniversary of the Environmental Bill of Rights, but to silence the commissioner and restrict the rights of the public. The government is saying to people, you can can trust us. They say they're going to police themselves. Now, when has that ever worked?”

Canada's coal workers are anxious to find work in Trudeau's low-carbon future

Looming over the discussions, however, was another major issue — one that Trudeau wouldn’t raise until the very end of his remarks. Most climate policy experts say a low-carbon future that addresses climate change will necessarily mean fewer jobs in fossil fuels, and require what labour leaders describe as a "just transition" for displaced workers to find jobs in emerging industries.