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'The Amazon stays, Bolsonaro goes'

Last Friday, in the streets outside the government buildings in Brazil’s capital city, Emilee Gilpin walked with nearly a thousand people in desperate concern over the relentless and unprecedented burning of one of the most important ecosystems in the world.

Fine for company is 'just the beginning' of justice for Heiltsuk Nation

The Kirby Corporation was fined nearly $3 million Tuesday for violating the Fisheries Act, Pacific Pilotage Act and the Migratory Birds Act. The Heiltsuk Nation, who has for two years been dealing with the devastation to their food harvesting area at Gale Creek, say no amount of money can pay off the damage done. It's time for change, chief Marilyn Slett says.

Tŝilhqot'in sends mining company home

The Tŝilhqot’in Nation has been fighting to protect Teẑtan Biny (Fish Lake) for decades. While Taseko Mines' proposed open-pit copper and gold mine has been rejected twice at the federal level, the Liberal government granted permits for an exploratory drilling program — slated to start today — but the nation organized a peaceful protest and sent the construction team home.

First Nations share story of strength and survival with caribou herd saved from extinction

The Saulteau and West Moberly First Nations have been working to bring back the Klinse Za caribou herd from the brink of extinction. Five years after they started a maternal pen for pregnant mothers to raise their calves in a protected area, the mountain herd has gone from 16 animals to nearly 100. Caribou guardian Julian Napoleon said his people share the herd's story of strength and survival .