This video is an annotated version of the video "Ian Anderson - Let's Keep Talking" by Canadian CEO of Kinder Morgan Ian Anderson regarding the ongoing protests on Burnaby Mountain. This video is intended as satire, and is not intended to represent the views of Ian Anderson or Kinder Morgan.

The main point we are trying to make with this video is that the powerful heads on international corporations actions seem diametrically opposed to their words. With extreme arrogance, and privilege these companies actions seem to imply that they want to find a way to placate, intimidate and confuse the public so that no matter what in the end they get their way.

The oil industries business model is in direct conflict with the best available science on climate change and these companies are doing what would be expected... exerting their vast influence to keep making profits regardless of the consequences to the rest of us. If oil and gas wants to survive the next few decades we suggest they start seeing themselves as energy companies and move to renewables, or the carbon bubble will leave them penniless and embarrassing stain on history.

Produced by Green Majority Media