In Ontario, a battle is brewing over a remote mining region, about 450 kilometres north of Thunder Bay. The outcome could forever change the face of northern Ontario — and possibly the planet.

Harry Wabasse’s home in Webequie First Nation is near the Ring of Fire — a 5,000-square-kilometre mineral deposit rich with the metals needed to build clean technologies. For years, the provincial government has been trying to build a road to the region and open the Ring of Fire up to mining.

A road could improve life in Webequie First Nation, and help the nation pursue economic opportunities. But development will affect the homelands of other First Nations — and not all of them agree with the plan.

Then, there's the environmental risks. Peatlands biologist Lorna Harris says building roads and a mine in the Ring of Fire could be disastrous. The region is home to the second-largest terrestrial carbon sink in the world — a massive expanse of wetlands that cool the planet by absorbing carbon.

This is the story of the years-long battle over the fate of northern Ontario.

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