Powering Up

Demand for clean power is about to explode as Canada moves toward a fossil fuel-free future. This series examines the challenges and possible solutions that lie ahead.

Race Against Climate Change

Race Against Climate Change is at the heart of Canada's National Observer's journalistic mission and coverage. It began with the launch of the publication in 2015. Thousands of articles later, the world continues to warm and the race has intensified. Follow this special report to learn how your country and the world is (or isn't) tackling this enormous challenge.

Canada's Clean Economy

This special report has been produced in collaboration with I-SEA, Ivey, Trottier, and Vancity foundations. National Observer retains full editorial control over the reporting. Produit en collaboration avec les fondations Ivey et Trottier, Vancity et I-SEA. Canada's National Observer conserve le contrôle éditorial total sur les rapports.

Climate of denial

Disinformation is on the rise — and climate change is a growing target. This series dives into the greenwashing, half-truths and falsehoods shaping some Canadians’ understanding of the climate crisis.

Later is Too Late

Canada's National Observer takes you inside the rooms at the United Nations Climate Conference in Dubai and reports on the race against climate change.

Nations on the front lines of fire

First Nations are reeling from the country's worst wildfire season on record. Canada's National Observer tracks the toll evacuations are having on these communities and what is being done to protect them.

Sustainable Cities

Cities lead the way to climate solutions. Find your city. Find your solutions.

Taking on Big Banks

In an age when the connection between fossil fuels and climate change is becoming more apparent, we must continue to question the billions banks provide to big oil and gas. Fortunately, we can do more than question. In fact, we can reimagine a climate-safe economy that puts people before profit. That’s why Change Course, Stand.earth and Canada’s National Observer are launching the first annual Climate Finance Scholarship Contest, an opportunity for young people across Canada to showcase and share visionary, solutions-oriented stories that reimagine the role of these powerful financial institutions in our communities. Each of the two contest winners will win $2,500 scholarships for written or multimedia submissions.

Canada's Coal Connection

As Canada phases out coal at home it continues exporting it overseas, pushing planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions even higher and making tons of money in the process. In this series Canada’s National Observer digs into efforts to end coal, barriers in the way, and solutions needed to get off fossil fuels for good.

The Influencers

The Influencers looks at lobbying, and who stands in the way of stronger climate policy.

Off the deep end

In the waters off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, a plan is swirling to double oil production by 2030 and help the financially struggling province get back on its feet. But Canada — and the world — must drastically cut its planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions by then, and more oil stands to get in the way.

This series wades into the deep end, exploring what N.L. is plotting for its offshore and what financial and economic risks lie in the province’s push for oil.

Interviews with Linda Solomon Wood

Join Editor-in-Chief Linda Solomon Wood on Zoom for real-time conversations with fascinating people on the big stories happening in our world. Some are subscriber-exclusives while others are open to the public. Stay tuned to our newsletter for announcements on guests and availability. Coming soon as a podcast as well.

Canada burns

As the country faces an unprecedented wildfire season, Canada's National Observer captures a snapshot of life on the ground in communities rocked by fire.

Financing disaster

In the age of climate breakdown, Canada’s major banks aren’t just keeping fossil fuel companies in business — they're helping the industry most responsible for climate change get even bigger. This series dives deep into the fight to get Bay Street to stop funding fossil fuel expansion, unpacking what financial institutions are — and aren't — doing to take on the main culprit of the climate crisis.

Negotiating survival

Canada’s National Observer takes you inside the deals that will decide the future of our planet — and what role Canada plays in them. Follow our on-the-ground reporting.

Farming for the future

The climate is changing — and so is the way we eat. This series dives deep into the rise of regenerative agriculture and how farmers across Canada are trying to climate-proof the way we grow our food.

Canada's forests in peril

A series documenting the impact of a changing climate on Canada's forests and what people are doing to protect species at risk. Produced in part thanks to the generosity of Rudy North.

Protecting our world - H̓íkila qṇts n̓ála’áx̌v

The Haíɫzaqv Nation is aiming to protect their world — building a sustainable future now and for generations to come, despite being at the nexus of negative impacts from colonialism and climate change. Here's how they're doing it.

Youth climate action

Young Canadians are addressing the climate crisis with creative solutions. Meet them here.

Canada's biggest emitters

A Canada's National Observer series exploring the biggest greenhouse gas emitters in the country: who they are, where their emissions are coming from and what Canada must do to bring down its carbon pollution.

Canada's plastics problem

A Canada's National Observer investigation into the battle between government, industry and environmentalists to bring our country's rising plastic pollution under control.

Food Insider

Learn how climate change impacts Canada's food systems and how agriculture impacts global warming. From the food on your plate to innovations of the future, get your food news here.

COP26: Uniting the World to Tackle Climate Change

Canada's National Observer's report on the 26th UN climate change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12 in partnership with Italy. This report was produced in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainability, Education and Action.

House of Irving

A series by investigative reporter Bruce Livesey examines the powerful role the Irving family plays in the business, politics and media of New Brunswick and beyond. To fund more investigative reporting on National Observer by Bruce Livesey, please subscribe.

First Nations Forward

Produced in collaboration with the Real Estate Foundation of BC, I-SEA, Vancouver Foundation, Vancity, Catherine Donnelly Foundation, Donner Canadian Foundation, Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, North Foundation, Willow Grove Foundation, Canadian Center for Journalism, Victoria Foundation, and the Port Moody Foundation. National Observer retains full editorial control over the topics and the reporting.

A green stimulus package for Canada

This special project is being produced in collaboration with I-SEA, The Canadian Journalism Centre, the Trottier Family Foundation and the Ivey Foundation. Canada's National Observer maintains complete editorial control of all aspects of the reporting.

Homesick: Inuit between two worlds

Produced in collaboration with the Echo Foundation, this series focuses on the challenges faced by Inuit in the north as well as what happens when they arrive in Montreal.

The Price of Oil

An unprecedented national collaboration between National Observer, The Toronto Star, Global News, the Michener Awards Foundation, the Corporate Mapping Project and four journalism schools investigating the impacts of the oil and gas industry on Canadian communities.


Investigating threats to the world's oceans and the solutions that might save them.

Great Bear Rainforest

An epic story of collaboration between government, First Nations, environmentalists, and industry to save one of the world's largest temperate coastal rainforests. In collaboration with Teck, Inc. Tides Canada and Vancity.

State Of The Animal

In Canada, wildlife face many challenges, as they are hunted, managed, and their food sources and habitats are altered by climate change. This Special Report has received generous funding from readers to pay for reporting on an issue which, like its subjects, is often out of sight and out of mind. Please subscribe or make a donation to ensure their story continues to be told.

The Climate Innovator Next Door

What motivates people to take on the challenge of climate change? Our reporters look at how Canadians are coming up with solutions in our own backyards. If you'd like to see more of this reporting, please subscribe.

Canada's Oilsands

Our award-winning series on the people, places and conflicts on the front lines of resource development in the Alberta oil patch.

Trans Mountain

Reports on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

Toxins in Canada

A series exploring the pros and cons of pesticide use in Canada, the strengths and weaknesses of its regulatory landscape and who exercises the greatest influence on this landscape. Produced in collaboration with The Echo Foundation. National Observer retains full editorial control.

Zoning out: Doug Ford's special land-use orders

A Canada's National Observer investigation into the Doug Ford government's use of controversial ministerial zoning orders to approve development projects, in some cases benefitting political donors and despite environmental concerns.

Surviving Hate

Surviving Hate is a multi-year investigation into how racism, hate and discrimination affect Canadians — through the lens of public institutions.


Reporting on the challenges faced by Canadian communities in a warming world as wildfires consume resources, property and lives.

Election 2021

News and views related to the 44th Canadian general election, scheduled for Sept. 20, 2021.

Canada's Extraction Secrets

Are the stories true? This investigative series digs into the activities and ongoing operations at Canadian-owned mines abroad.

Fraser River

Gravel mining of The Fraser River is a window into how British Columbia's government makes decisions about complex environmental issues. This Special Report investigates money, power, politics, and more.

Trophy Hunt

Our award-winning team looks at the personalities and policies behind BC's controversial trophy hunt.

Secrets of Government

This report takes you behind closed doors to investigate the conversations happening between government and corporations. It is reader-funded through subscriptions.

Coronavirus in Canada

In this series, our journalists bring you important public health updates, breaking stories and in-depth analysis about meeting the challenges of the pandemic. Please note, as a public service, we are offering all of our reporting on the coronavirus for free. It's moments like these that show why sustainable, truthful journalism matters so much.

State of Journalism

Our latest reporting on the state of media in Canada and beyond. Supporting independent journalism has never been more important. Help us protect it by subscribing or donating today.


Reporting on one of the most distressing humanitarian crises of our time, we've taken you into refugee camps from Greece to France.


Reports about meetings of the G7 countries hosted in Canada in 2018.

Up in Smoke

A plan by the Metro Vancouver regional authority would have taxpayers spending half a billion public dollars on an incinerator to solve the region’s garbage problem. Would that send Vancouver's Greenest City aspirations up in smoke?

Europe on Alert

This special report investigates how Europe is responding to racism and the rise of the far-right.

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