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Poll reveals Canadians' view of residential schools

​“Instead of the isolation and neglect of the past, a free and equal chance with children in urban centres.” This is the voice of a male narrator in a March 1955 CBC television piece about Canada’s residential schools. Since that piece aired more than six decades ago, the way Canadians look at residential schools has changed.

Six months after floods, some Montrealers still can't go home

This is the unfinished story of the floods that rocked central Canada in May, 2017: after helpful military members cleared out, after politicians talked about revising flood plans, some residents and homeowners are still on hold. They are still waiting to find out if they can rebuild, if they can go home, if their politicians have concrete plans for helping them in the future.

China's 'Golden Week' props up luxury property demand in Vancouver real estate market

In cutthroat real estate markets like Vancouver's, Chinese “Golden Week" in early October is auspicious. Chinese families often celebrate the week long national day holiday by visiting family or going on vacation. Sure as the rain, a flood of Chinese buying occurs in Vancouver during Golden Week each fall as flocks of investors and immigrants come to see real estate.