Seniors face oil and gas pension time bomb

The Bank of Canada and other key financial institutions are moving toward green disclosure practices, but none appear close to recently-recommended requirements for mandatory reporting on climate change risks to the economy that investors are hungry for.

For geoengineers, a scientific existential crisis

In mid-December, more than 28,000 people met in Washington, D.C. to discuss everything earth science-related at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. But amid the dry data and scientific acronyms at a session on solar geoengineering, the science had a patina of existentialist dread that you might not see in a similar forum.

Yes, climate change is a crisis: surveys

Yes, there are some crises in Canada, but they are not related to pipelines, you told us in a series of surveys. After many people were buzzing about a new Angus Reid poll that concluded most Canadians believed the country faces a crisis due to a lack of pipelines, we did a few informal surveys of our own on some questions that the pollsters may have forgotten.