Help with subscriptions - FAQ

What is Piano and why do I need to create an account there to get a subscription?

Piano (formerly Tinypass) is National Observer’s paywall software provider. Piano handles user accounts and the payment checkout process for National Observer subscribers.

I bought a subscription, but I keep hitting the paywall (the site asks me to subscribe). Why?

One of two things are happening:

  1. You are using a different device or browser than the one you used to purchase your subscription

  2. You cleared your browser’s cookies

To fix either problem, click 'Sign in' on the paywall pop-up or on the 'Sign in' button on the homepage.

Write to [email protected] if you still need help.

I’m a newsletter subscriber. Why can’t I access the content?

Subscribing to our newsletters is free. In order to have unlimited access to National Observer’s reporting, readers must buy subscriptions. We offer 3 free articles monthly and these Special Reports remain free:

Oilsands Reporting Project
Race Against Climate Change
Great Bear Rainforest

How is my National Observer subscription connected to my Tinypass account?

When you purchase a subscription to the National Observer, you also create a consumer account with Tinypass. Your subscription to National Observer is automatically added to your personal Tinypass account, so you can have automatic and unlimited access to our reporting.

I received a free subscription. How do I claim it?

You’ll receive an email from Tinypass with instructions and your temporary password.

Don’t see an email? Check your junk mail.

Still can't find the email? Write to [email protected] and we'll sort it out for you.

I can’t afford to pay for a subscription. But I love reading National Observer. What can I do?

If you value the stories we produce, we don’t want to shut you out. So we’re offering reduced access to students, seniors, and others who write and tell us they want to keep reading but they can’t afford to pay the full price of a subscription. Contact [email protected] if this applies to you.

I purchased a subscription but I’m willing to donate more to help fund National Observer’s reporting. How do I do that?

Donate here. We use every dollar you donate to fund journalism that aims at urgent social and environmental issues, to hold government and corporations to account. Your donations fund investigations like these:

Canadian mining giant Barrick Gold fired whistleblower. Then it spilled cyanide into five rivers
Behind Bars: Canada’s fur-farmed mink and fox
Pipeline watchdog hid evidence of Enbridge reports
Did this company engineer the largest tax dodge in Canadian history?

If you think stories like this are worth your support, please subscribe and if you can, please donate as well.
If you're not ready to commit to a subscription, we'd be grateful for your one-time donation.