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Disclaimer: Many f-bombs and other expletives will be dropped during this upcoming session (next Tuesday) of Conversations, as humourist Molly Jong-Fast chats with host Linda Solomon Wood about the U.S. election.

It’s bad enough that we have to deal with one Donald Trump here in the U.S. of A., says Molly Jong-Fast.

What’s worse is that Trump has become a template for a whole planet full of bad-faith actors and wannabe strongmen. Before becoming the host of a popular podcast with Rick Wilson of @ProjectLincoln, Jong-Fast wrote a bunch of funny books on her fascinating and unusual life as daughter of celebrity author Erica Jong (Fear of Flying). Jong-Fast has built a following of fans, including 713,000 followers on Twitter, through her sharp wit and biting humour.

An editor-at-large for the Daily Beast, Jong-Fast’s writing has also appeared in the Atlantic, Playboy, the Bulwark and Glamour. She currently co-hosts the podcast The New Abnormal, supplying “blunt truth and dark humour for a world in chaos.”

Generous with insights about the general “clusterf**kery” of U.S. politics, Fast-Jong’s often uncensored views will prepare you for the hair-ripping frustration in store for all of us in the weeks ahead.

She will join Linda Solomon Wood, editor-in-chief of Canada’s National Observer, for a conversation on voting during a pandemic, the suburban voter base that Trump is alienating, and what a Joe Biden presidency could look like. With her close pulse on this historic election, what has it been like for Jong-Fast to write about the Trump administration in such a divisive time?

Once again, this episode of Conversations will take no prisoners, so reserve your spot for October 20 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

Subscribers, you can send your questions in advance to [email protected].

Stuff Molly Jong-Fast has said:

“The president says he’s breathing easy. Are you?”

“Amy Coney Barrett, who actually isn’t cool enough for a nickname, is the anti-RBG. The consequences for women will be disastrous … When feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg died I knew this was going to be an opportunity for Donald Trump to once again s**t on women, and unfortunately I was correct.”

“Soon Judge Barrett will be Justice Barrett, sitting on the highest court in America, and she will turn out to be the same kind of feminist as Ivanka, all shiny hair and good white teeth, but when it comes to your rights, well ladies, you’re kind of fucked. I want her to stay the fuck away from our uteruses. She’ll be as bad for women as RBG was good for women.”

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