This year, a special honour was given to one of Canada's National Observer’s podcasts – The Salmon People. The podcast topped the charts when it was first released in October and was named one of Apple Podcasts’ best of the year.

“These are the podcasts we loved most in 2022 — the shows that gripped, moved and entertained us, and kept us listening, laughing and thinking all year long,” they wrote.

The podcast uses a true crime meets climate format, casting whale biologist Alexandra Morton as an unlikely detective who was pulled into a battle against government, industry and multinational corporations.

It is a true-life, investigative whodunnit that demands accountability for the mysterious decimation of the wild salmon population. You can download the full season on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

I am proud to be a part of Canada’s National Observer’s team of creators and producers of this amazing podcast - and we need your help.

The Salmon People is just one of four podcasts CNO launched this season. Others include Hot Politics hosted by David McKie, CNO’s deputy managing editor, Maxed Out hosted by Max Fawcett, CNO’s lead columnist, and the documentary series canadaLANDBACK, a co-production with Canadaland, hosted by Karyn Pugliese, CNO’s editor-in-chief.

I am asking for you to donate and join our end-of-year fundraising campaign to sustain our award-winning podcasts. Your support will help us tell the rapidly unfolding story of climate change in a way that reaches people and rallies our communities to confront this existential global challenge.

Will you join me? Your generous contributions are essential to our ability to bring you the important stories and investigative journalism this urgent moment in Canada requires.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope that you consider making a gift.

Warm regards,

Sandra Bartlett

Managing Producer of Podcasts

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