Over the last three years, more than two dozen fish farms have closed in the Broughton Archipelago and the Discovery Islands, located east of Vancouver Island in B.C.

In Episode 13 of The Salmon People, we learn what that means for the wild salmon — both the tiny smolts heading out to the ocean and the adults heading back to the rivers to spawn.

“The last three years in the Discovery Islands have been clean and just amazingly lice-free. It's just so stunning,” said Farlyn Campbell. For years, Campbell has monitored juvenile wild salmon near the fish farms in the region.

But there’s new pressure on the wild salmon. Some First Nations are signing lucrative agreements with Norwegian-based fish farm companies to keep the farms operating.

The Salmon People podcast is a co-production between Sandra Bartlett and Canada’s National Observer. The series tells the story of a 30-year battle to save Canada’s wild salmon from fish farming operations that harbour deadly diseases.

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