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Goal: $100k

Canada's National Observer (CNO) is excited to announce a new opportunity to cover climate change and business.

We're looking for an experienced business journalist who's a great writer and reporter, meticulous about facts, and wants to make an impact by reporting on how Canadian businesses are coping with climate change, innovating and adapting to a warming world.

If this describes you, find out more here.

CNO is Canada's leading publication in climate reporting, renowned for its extensive coverage and insightful analysis on climate issues. Our esteemed paying subscribers include the federal government, universities, environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs), think tanks, and other pivotal civil society groups.

This position offers the opportunity to work alongside Canada's foremost team of climate journalists in a warm and supportive workplace environment, engaging with the most climate-conscious audience across the nation. Our team boasts a dynamic mix of seasoned editors with decades of experience in journalism and some of the top emerging talents in Canada, fostering an environment of rich expertise and innovative perspectives.

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One thing I like about Canada's National Observer is that it's less colonized by the business mentality than normal newspapers. Can't say this direction fills me with happiness.