My focus as a reporter is to uncover how and why decisions are made. Day in and day out, I work to shine a spotlight on the politics and corporate power that shapes our collective response to the climate crisis.

My general philosophy is that even though we’re already seeing the early impacts of climate change, like extreme wildfire seasons and major flooding, we know the worst is still to come. And if we accept the science that the climate crisis is real and intensifying, then it’s not enough for climate change reporters to simply make the link between what we’re witnessing and global warming. Reporters must go further. It’s our responsibility to cover the decisions that shape what the coming years look like, because the path we choose will shape our lives.

This doesn’t mean a focus on jargon and science. For me, it means unpacking the battles to build the future.

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We’ve recently launched a new series about Canada’s efforts to clean its power grids. Clean electricity will be the backbone of a clean economy, but the country’s political landscape (whether it be right-wing premiers seemingly opposed to Ottawa’s very existence or the fossil fuel lobby pushing governments to give them loopholes to exploit), threatens to derail what experts say is an essential step in the race to net-zero.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be steadily rolling out deep dives into specific regional issues, explainers, investigations, data analysis, and more all aimed at answering the question of how Canada is preparing our power grids for the climate emergency.

To build new, effective and meaningful climate policy, the public has to be better informed about what works and what doesn’t. That is why financially supporting independent, critical journalism like Canada’s National Observer is more important than ever.

We need journalism that calls out greenwashing, holds those responsible for the climate crisis to account, and uncovers the type of information that helps move our country to a genuinely sustainable future.

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The last time I asked for your support I was in Dubai to cover the United Nations annual climate-change negotiations. Since then, I’ve brought you an exclusive interview with Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley –– a global leader in global financial reform to respond to the climate emergency; broken stories about intense fossil fuel lobbying ahead of the federal budget; revealed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ongoing attempts to defend the carbon price, either through rebranding it or calling provincial bluffs; covered how Indigenous leadership are defending their rights against banks like RBC; and how Canadian financial institutions are propping up a dirty steel industry through their coal investments.

Investigations and analysis like this are why your support matters so much. It takes time and resources for journalists like me to pull these off, but it’s these types of pieces that move the needle on climate action.

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