For geoengineers, a scientific existential crisis

In mid-December, more than 28,000 people met in Washington, D.C. to discuss everything earth science-related at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. But amid the dry data and scientific acronyms at a session on solar geoengineering, the science had a patina of existentialist dread that you might not see in a similar forum.

Yes, climate change is a crisis: surveys

Yes, there are some crises in Canada, but they are not related to pipelines, you told us in a series of surveys. After many people were buzzing about a new Angus Reid poll that concluded most Canadians believed the country faces a crisis due to a lack of pipelines, we did a few informal surveys of our own on some questions that the pollsters may have forgotten.
Rahaf Mohammed

'Minefield' of online threats

"It's a complex world so people do anything and everything to save themselves," Mario Calla, executive director of the immigrant services agency COSTI, told reporters after Rahaf Mohammed made her last public statement. "Social media may now be a tool for them," he said. "It depends on whether or not it grabs the attention of the right people."