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DFO salmon decision shuts hundreds of First Nations out of consultations, experts say

As a child, about 300 wild salmon, carefully packed into a chest freezer after each fishing season, sustained Kukpi7 Judy Wilson and her family for the year ahead. “We had one freezer for salmon, one freezer for wild meat, and my parents had a ranch farm. We were independent,” said Kukpi7 Wilson, now chief of the Neskonlith Indian Band, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs.

A 1930s-era federal agency helped farms recover from an ecological crisis. It's time for a replacement, advocates say

Environment Canada predicts the upcoming decades will transform Canada’s climate, forcing farmers to re-evaluate everything from which seeds to buy to which pastures their livestock graze. That’s a huge challenge for farmers with no time to pore over scientific studies and models charting how the climate crisis will transform their land.