Episode 2
November 25th 2022

Reclamation at Stoney Point, Part 2

In Part 2, after a peaceful reclamation of the army base built on their land in 1993, elders of Stoney Point led a movement to take back Ipperwash Provincial Park, which was also part of their original land and contained a burial ground. Racism and political interference turned a peaceful movement into a violent act of state aggression on Sept. 6, 1995. This episode recalls the events of that night and examines the fallout in the 28 years since, asking if reconciliation will ever be possible for the people of Stoney Point.

In this podcast: interviews include Bonnie Bressette, Caroline “Cully” George, Pierre George, Kevin Simon, Claudette Bressette, Alabama Bressette, and Donald Worme.

The episode is in memory of Anthony “Dudley” George.

Deep thanks to editor Heather Menzies and Kerry Kilmartin, publisher of Our Long Struggle for Home: The Ipperwash Story by Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig, in which Stoney Pointers tell their full story in their own words, available on Amazon.

Research for this episode included:

Sound in this podcast included:

  • “Fifty ways to trick a treaty” by David A. Moses with many meegwetch-es for writing that for us, reach him on Twitter
  • Late Night News (Problems) by Farewell Davidson

This episode included sound from Ipperwash Land Expropriation: Hell of a Deal (1989) — The Fifth Estate and Royal Canadian Army Cadet recruiting film, Pt. 1 — 1977.