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What would the salmon say?

Let's start with 'the water is too hot.' Salmon like 12 to 15 degrees. The heat compounds what’s known around the lab as 'the river gauntlet' — seine boats at the river mouth, habitat degradation upstream and now ever higher temperatures bringing new pathogens, disease and lethal stream water.

What to feed farmed salmon?

On land fish farming is presented as an alternative to growing salmon in the ocean. Proponents point to it as a viable alternative since there is no contact between the farmed fish and wild species. However, salmon farmed in the ocean and on land face a mutual dilemma: the ecological toll of fish feed. A Nova Scotia company is working to change that.

Swimming for salmon in the backwoods

On a rare sunny late October day, a quartet of swimmers gathered around a deep pool on the Tranquil River in Clayoquot Sound ready to immerse themselves in the frigid water with hundreds of huge salmon swimming upstream to spawn.