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Bots for Doug Ford

PC party leader Doug Ford’s Twitter messages are often amplified from a small army of hyper-partisan, largely anonymous accounts that publish with inhuman frequency. They make his @fordnation pronouncements appear more popular than they are, say some observers.

Kinder Morgan pipeline supporters and detractors are being swarmed by online 'bots'

An industry ad to amplify pro-pipeline perspectives is just one example of how the online conversation around the troubled Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion is, increasingly, being pushed to its edges by actors on both sides of the debate. Casual opinion polls and social media platforms are open battlegrounds as messages spread quickly and debate become increasingly polarized.

Who the hell is @RVAwonk and how is she cracking the Kremlin's code?

This was the year that transformed Donald Trump from buffoon candidate into president of the United States and sent the globe careening toward the precipice over which it now teeters. It was the year the world began to comprehend how deeply Russian propaganda has penetrated the American psyche. They used a wholly unexpected and lethal weapon — our own irresistible addiction to the Internet.