Bruno De Bondt is National Observer's lead developer. But this is only part of what he does. Bruno is the co-founder with his partner, Ariane, of Textilia, an online community and database for all manner of sewing and fabric enthusiasts. He's been doing web development work for non-profits and academic institutions for a few different companies in Vancouver, and most recently built a popular new Canadian independent news website. He's been active in the open source web development and independent media communities for many years, and has even co-authored a couple books on Drupal and media activism. All this, while swimming and doing yoga, learning to grow vegetables, singing as a tenor in a classical choir, and hoping somehow it will finally snow again this winter so he can go snowboarding. He has a deep passion for independent media, and has co-authored two books on media-activism and open source software, Drupal 7 and Media Activism Manual: Don't hate the media, be the media. He was the technical lead for a major participatory news site in Belgium before moving to Canada.