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Greenpeace Canada released a video remake Monday of CBC’s classic animation sign-off as a comment on Canada’s changed relationship with the environment.

The original CBC video set to the tune of the Canadian national anthem shows a dove flying over a verdant, beautiful country full of bustling cities and stunning natural landmarks.

In its reworked animation, Greenpeace’s dove flies over burning forests in flames from climate change, leaking oil pipelines coating wildlife in crude, and through smoggy skies past tankers spilling oil into the oceans.

While meant to get the green vote out on election day, the animation is still relevant post-election as Canada in a few short weeks will have to join the rest of the world at the Paris climate change summit to set new agreements over emissions.

Greenpeace reimagines the classic CBC sign-off video to show a world devastated from climate change. Source: YouTube

An accompanying message to the video, which is entitled What Happened to Canada?, says: “Let's face it, we've fallen behind global leaders when it comes to taking serious action on climate change. We've been investing heavily in the world's dirtiest fossil fuels instead of looking to the future.”

Farzin Farzaneh, a filmmaker and animator, who runs the independent film studio Lachrymose Films in Montreal directed the animation for Greenpeace Canada.

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