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"It's morning again in America," the narrator says in Republican candidate Marco Rubio's ad, which goes on to stir up patriotic feelings as it talks about America being more "divided" and "diminished" than ever before.

Except that the opening footage is very clearly that of Vancouver.

As in, Vancouver, B.C., Canada — not America.

The Harbour Centre in downtown Vancouver can be seen in the background, and according to Buzzfeed, the footage from Shutterstock is labeled as being in Vancouver. The flag on the boat appears to be Canada's maple leaf as well.

Rubio's ad isn't the only place where Canadian backgrounds sparked conversation in the U.S. presidential election.

Ted Cruz (whose logo is eerily similar to that of France's extreme-right wing Front National party) was born in Calgary, Alberta, and is now fending off attacks from rival Donald Trump, who is threatening to sue Cruz over possible ineligibility due to his Canadian roots.

See Rubio's full "Morning Again" ad below:

Video of Marco Rubio presidential campaign ad