Pop sensation Miley Cyrus saw the latest news about B.C.'s wolf cull — and she doesn’t like it one bit.

In a profane-laden tweet on her Twitter account, the Wrecking Ball singer tweeted to the conservation group Pacific Wild, urging: “Let’s make it STOP!”

Miley Cyrus's tweet

She also referenced the Wildlife Defence League's (WDL) news release, addressing the alleged use of a Judas wolf in the South Selkirk wolf cull.

It’s not the first time the pop star has come to the defence of the wolves. Previously, Cyrus attacked the B.C. government over the cull and called it a “war on wildlife.”

She visited the Great Bear Rainforest in northern B.C. last year, and spoke out publicly against the wolf cull program. At the time, B.C. Premier Christy Clark chided Cyrus for her views on conservation, saying the pop star should stick to "twerking" instead.

The "Judas wolf" has been the subject of several National Observer stories over the past week, with the B.C.-based WDL alleging that the contractors for the provincial government have been using a radio collared wolf year upon year to track down wolf packs.

Once the packs are located, hunters in helicopters allegedly gun them down, according to WDL.

On Tuesday, the WDL released audio tapes of an individual who they identified as a retired wildlife patrol guide who works with the caribou recovery program. That individual is heard talking on tape about keeping a wolf with a radio collar alive.

The government firmly denies that this technique is being practiced on B.C.'s wolves.

Greig Bethal, a spokesperson with the B.C. Ministry of Forestry, Lands, and Natural Resources emailed National Observer late Tuesday and said, “The audio clips do not support your allegations. As previously mentioned, the ministry is only removing wolves that pose an active threat to endangered caribou. The radio collars transmit the wolves’ movements and let ministry biologists know whether wolves are in the core caribou habitat.”

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