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It’s been a month since Pope Francis visited Canada to apologize for the church’s role in residential schools.

There’s been much goodwill. Good words. Big promises for changes by bishops and priests. The Pope even wore a headdress. Some might even call it a moment of reconciliation between the Catholic Church and Indigenous Peoples.

Well, that was fun while it lasted.

The fact is that the Catholic Church continues to lie, cheat and negotiate backroom deals to deny compensation to residential school survivors. Little has changed beyond the Pope wearing a headdress and a well-publicized public relations tour of Canada.

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The link to the Winnipeg Free Press gets me there, but the article itself seems to be unavailable. Same for the other WFP article on electric buses.

It's really too bad that papers like WFP must do this! (blast capitalism one more time !!!) I guess it depends on your device (??) - I've tapped on the link several times and have gotten access to the whole article each time.