Every year, the team at Apple Podcasts publishes millions of podcasts but selects only a few to be featured on special occasions like Earth Day. Hot Politics, hosted by David McKie, Canada’s National Observer’s deputy managing editor, is in the top 5 podcasts the Apple team chose as New and Noteworthy.

The platform tweeted that the chosen shows “help educate, inspire, and spark initiative on steps we can take to save our home.”

The New and Noteworthy category is a curated list of podcasts that Apple promotes on its podcast app’s homepage. It features recently released and popular podcasts that have gained traction among listeners. This category is intended to help listeners discover new shows and find interesting content.

Hot Politics, which launched in November, is now featured prominently on the Apple Podcasts page.

“It's a great feeling to know Hot Politics is recognized,” said McKie. “The show brings a spotlight to the different layers of the climate crisis and what those in power are doing about it.”

The bi-weekly podcast takes a deep dive into the issues Canadians look to politicians to act on, such as the environment, disinformation and climate solutions. McKie talks to experts like scientists and professors and puts leaders like mayors and ministers on the spot.

“In this short span of time, we’ve been able to cover complicated yet important issues like carbon capture, greenwashing and deepsea mining,” said Sandra Bartlett, the managing producer of podcasts.

“It’s great to be featured on this list for Earth Day, but it’s important to note that Hot Politics and Canada’s National Observer cover topics like the environment, climate and politics every day. To see the show resonate with listeners means a lot,” she added.

Yay! CNO's climate podcast Hot Politics is featured prominently on Apple Podcasts for Earth Day!

Eleven episodes are up so far, and available to listen on Apple Podcasts or wherever else you get your podcasts.

Hot Politics is one of four podcasts CNO launched in the last year. Others include: The Salmon People, hosted by Bartlett; Maxed Out, hosted by CNO’s lead columnist Max Fawcett; and the documentary series canadaLANDBACK, a co-production with Canadaland, hosted by Karyn Pugliese, CNO’s editor-in-chief.

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